Digital print has come a long way in the past twenty years and Xerox leads the way when it comes to innovation. We were challenged to launch their flagship iGEN3 digital printing press to the print on demand greetings card sector led by brands such as Moonpig and Funky Pigeon.

At the time of launch, the iGEN3 was able to do things no other digital printing press could. It allows the use of any typeface in any position in any colour over any image. It then merges CSV data, usually a first name, with the artwork and runs at a rate of 110 sheets per minute. 



We decided the best way to showcase the mind-blowing personalisation possibilities was to demonstrate them in a direct mail campaign where everything was printed on the machine. We pushed the iGen3's capability to the absolute limit. We created three personalised greetings cards teasing at the commercial benefits and sent one card a day to key decision makers, followed by a brochure and an invitation to a launch event and demonstration. 

This clever technology gave us the idea for the campaign name inGenious- which fitted well around 3 core benefits: Improved Speed, improved flexibility and improved revenue opportunities.



108 companies were invited to the UK launch event. 27 key decision makers attended, resulting in direct sales of 9 machines, most with finishing units. This generated revenues of over £4.5 million as a direct result of our direct marketing campaign.


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