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From world's #3 brewer to world's #2 brewer


We've worked with Heineken for 20 years. Our work focuses on improving the collaborative relationship between Heineken and its major retail partners including Shell, Carrefour, Tesco, Seven Eleven, Ahold, Consum, Aldi and Lidl. Before we became involved, interaction between Heineken and its retail partners was limited to one or two phone calls per year. 

What we do

We provide creative ways to tell the Heineken success stories delivered via these more proactive relationships: Video, animation, graphics, slide decks and event support. We also support the global sales development team on creating new out of home retail opportunities. 

The results

From one to two calls per year to two calls per month and regular quarterly category development workshops where data, insight, market trends and best practice are shared by ten countries in Western Europe.  Due to the nature of our work we are not able to discuss results in detail, but after 23 years we feel confident that we're adding value. Heineken continue to outperform the market year on year.

Heineken On Trade Activation Manual
Heineken Retail Vision
Heineken Western Europe Division


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