The Passenger Shipping Association faced a decline in travel agent cruise training membership. They relied on membership subscription revenue to survive. Some agents find cruise complicated and the existing  training collateral lacked 'pazazz'. Public perception of cruise was largely based on Carry On films. Average passenger age was over 60. We were tasked with turning things around.



We realised that agents didn't know there were higher commissions available compared to package holidays. We found them ready and eager, but in need of better communication materials. We created a new brand. ACE - The Association of Cruise Experts. 



The more people choose to cruise - the more you need to know.


We created an online resource and training centre where agents could learn about the cruise opportunity and help create sales. We made training fun for the first time. This is important as travel agents have a LOT of training to do and the majority of it is dry as toast. This doesn't encourage participation or retention of information.


Our integrated marketing approach covered print on demand, direct mail, digital, web, training, video and animation, event management and sponsorship revenue creation.


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